Do you know what you want to be when you grow up???

For the majority of students the answer is a resolute “NO!

But do not fear! Villanova University’s School of Business (VSB) is here to help!


On Friday, October 24, VSB hosted a Major’s Forum where students were encouraged to attend 20 minute presentations, each featuring a different major and highlighting the steps a student must take to achieve that major.

The three major presentations I attended were:

  1. Economics
  2. Marketing
  3. Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics


Economics is the study of how people allocate scarce resources to fulfill their insatiable wants. There are two routes one can take when studying economics: one is research and writing based, while the other, econometrics, is mathematics-centric. There are many hands-on internships which economics professors can help students attain, and some economics classes count for Real Estate/Finance requirements as well – making it easy to double major. In fact, the most common double majors with economics are finance and international business.

In terms of potential jobs, here are a few companies in each sector that have hired Villanova economics majors in the past:


Federal Reserve

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Bureau of Economic Analysis



IHS Global Insight



Goldman Sachs


Merrill Lynch

To find out more about Villanova’s Economics major and its related courses, check out this website:


Marketing is a popular field at VSB, which can open doors to many different types of jobs for students once they graduate. A student with a marketing degree can enter fields such as advertising, brand management, sales, market research and analytics. Generally, those who concentrate in Sales receive the highest starting salaries.

Many corporations come to Villanova in the Fall and Spring to hire students for full-time positions. Often, students are placed into a rotational program to learn the necessary skills to perform well in the company

Market U is a great website which helps marketing students   gain information about potential job, co-op, and internship opportunities. It also provides helpful tips such as interview practice. Click here to find out more about Market U:

To find out more about the Villanova marketing major and the required courses, click here:

Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics

The third lecture I attended discussed four sectors: Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship, and Business Analytics. However, it is important to note that Management is the only one of these that is offered as a major. International Business is offered as a co-major/minor, and Entrepreneurship and Business analytics are offered as a minors.

The most important thing you can do is determine what interests you, and then you can work on integrating the majors/minors that interest you into a cohesive four-year schedule. Many courses double count for two majors – try taking those to leave yourself with plenty of options!

To find out the required courses to receive the management major or any of the above listed minors, click this link and then click the major/minor you are interested in learning about:

Villanovans, your mission: check the Newswire and visit the next Majors Forum, or attend an industry dinner hosted by VSB! These are great ways for YOU to network and learn more about potential career paths!


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